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Schuylkill River Park Community Garden                                                                             CCRA Green Committee          

Neighborhood Contacts

Elected Officials for the CCRA Area

Local officials

State Officials

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Agencies Operating in the CCRA Area

Other Links

Updated AVI Explainer

You can read it here.

CCRA Neighborhood Plan

CCRA Neighborhood Plan in PDF.

Call Philly311 When...

  • Abandoned/dangerous bldg?
  • Auto repair in public street?
  • Broken alley and/or street light?
  • Broken traffic light?
  • Car and building alarms?
  • Damaged bus shelter?
  • General block cleanup?
  • Dead animals?
  • Flooded intersection?
  • Leaflets on doors & cars?
  • Overflowing dumpster?
  • Trash-strewn lot?
  • Unshoveled sidewalks?
  • Belligerent homeless person?

For other Emergencies...

Illegal dumping? Call Water Department at 215-685-6300
Foul odor? Call Health Department (Air Management) 215-823-7583
Gas leak?  Call PGW Emergency Line at 215-235-1212
Graffiti? Call Philadelphia Anti-Graffiti Network at 215-685-9556
Hazardous sidewalk? Call Streets Department (Maintenance) at 215-686-5560
Loud noises? Call Health Department (Air Management) at 215-823-7583

Missing manhole cover? Water/Sewer at 215-685-6300

Electric at 215-841-4141
Nuisances at housing project? Call Philadelphia Housing Authority at 215-684-4500

Open fire hydrant? Call Water Department at 215-685-6300
Potholes? Call Streets Department (Maintenance) at 215-686-5560
Rats? Call Health Department Vector Control at 215-685-9719
Snow and ice on roads? Call Streets Department (Maintenance) at 215-686-5560
Suspected arson activity? Call Fire Marshal at 215-686-1362
Tree limbs on electric wires? Call PECO Emergency Services at 215-841-4141

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