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CCRA’s Street Committee Summary of SEPTA’S “Bus Revolution” Changes for Center City West

11 Jan 2024 12:18 PM | Travis Oliver (Administrator)

Here’s a quick summary of what we see as the impact to the neighborhoods served by the CCRA.  There are three distinct areas for transit users in the CCRA neighborhoods:   folks who live within easy walk of the Market, Chestnut, Walnut Corridor (the "Business Corridor”) and two areas whose residents live too far away to easily access the corridor routes: one in the East, Broad to 18th, (“CCW by Broad”) and the other from 18th Street West to the Schuylkill (“CCW by-the-Schuylkill”).

Note, the service levels being promised require some explanation . For 30 Max, that level is promised for weekdays between 6AM and 9PM and on Saturday’s from 8AM to 9PM and Sunday from 9AM to 7PM.   10 Max would be every 10 minutes weekdays from 6AM to 8PM and every 15 minutes until midnight, Saturdays 8AM to 9PM, and Sundays 9AM to 7PM. 15 Max is similar to 30 Max except the promised frequent service is every 15 minutes, not every 30.

For the Business Corridor there are changes, but none that will inconvenience many users as frequent service is preserved on the major east west routes. The situation is further helped by these folks having easy access to the Subway Surface and Market Frankfort EL at 30th and 15thStreet for longer trips.  Moving the 42 to South/Lombard from Chestnut/Walnut will rob these residence of a direct bus route to the Penn/CHOP medical complex.   Now residents will need to use the 21 and change to the rerouted 40 which will enjoy more frequent service than currently.

Route 21 — No changes (10 max)

Route 9 — Minor changes in turn-around in Market East (30 Max)

Route 12 — More convenient because Eastbound Service shifts to Chestnut Street from Locust. No changes Westbound.  New route replaces the 42 on Chestnut, which shifts to South Street (replacing the 40) (30 Max)

Route 17—No changes in Center City.  Elimination of Navy Yard extension should improve reliability. (15 Max)

Route 42 – Shift to Lombard/South will make travel to the Penn/CHOP medical complex more difficult for some who work and consult with clinicians there.

For the CCW By Broad, there are few big change—some minor inconveniences and a couple of improvements.   

Route 2 — stays on current route North on 16th, South on 17th.  Changes to access Wayne Junction in North Philly.  (30 Max)

Route 12 — No longer an option on Locust Street leaves only the Rerouted 42

Route 42 — Replaces the 40.   Better access to Pennsylvania Hospital and Old City by moving route east of Broad to Pine from South

More frequent (10 Max) service westbound on Lombard good for folks working in University City

Route 17 – No changes that will affect these residents

For the CCW by-the Schuylkill there are some improvements and a loss of eastbound service on Locust Street that will inconvenience some

Route 7 — Changes at the ends of the route may improve reliability.  Folks headed to Pier 7 will need to change busses at Oregon. Original plan to eliminate the 7 connection with North Philly was dropped; so go visit your friends in Fairmount and Brewerytown. Another plus, still an option for Trader Joes trips (30 Max)

Route 12 — now rerouted east at Chestnut rather than Locust.   This will rob residents in Rittenhouse of one option to head East, although reliability of the old route limited its utility. On the other hand with the 7, 12 north becomes an option to reach the high speed rail system at 22nd and Market more conveniently.  Route loses connection with Southwest Philly west of the Schuykill which should affect very few (perhaps those who worked at U. Of Sciences).  Shortening and reroute to Chestnut should improve service, however.   It will address the loss of the 42 on Walnut, becoming part of the key Walnut-Chestnut corridor, preserving overall convenience and service except to the medical complex as noted above.  No change west/southbound so trips back to Fitler Square from Walnut Row will remain as convenient as they are today. (30 Max)

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