Premiere of "This Space Available" by French Filmaker Marc Gobe'

  • 28 Mar 2012
  • 6:30 PM
  • Central Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia, 20th & Vine Sts.
The film is a must see, especially as Council considers legislation to use public property for outdoor advertising. In "This Space Available," international branding expert and producer Marc Gobé, along with his daughter, director Gwenaëlle,  make a compelling case for municipalities to re-think selling off public space to the highest bidder. The filmmakers argue that the economic return on outdoor advertising that legislators and city planners propose, may not be the panacea that cash-strapped municipalities imagine, and perhaps may even be detrimental to a city's economic development and economic health.
Please contact your City Council Representative and ask them to attend as well.  It is critical that Council understand how critical these issues are to the future of our city neighborhoods.

A recent study: "Beyond Aesthetics: How Billboards Affect Economic Prosperity" revealed that homes within 500 feet of a billboard are worth $30,826 less than properties further away. The study also found that cities with stricter billboard controls have greater median income and lower poverty and vacancy rates than cities with less strict billboard controls

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