CCRA Board of Directors Meeting

  • 13 Oct 2020
  • 6:00 PM
  • Virtual

CCRA Board Meeting are open to our members only.  If you would like to attend, please notify Travis Oliver, and he will send you the link for the meeting.


 1.       Presentations—none                     

2.         Approval of the September  2020 Minutes [5 mins.]  

            See attached board summary 09/08/20 of the CCRA Board

3.           Finance—

3.1  Treasurer’s Report --Matthew Schreck [ 5 mins]

                                    See Financials dated September 30, 2020

                        3.2  Development Committee –see Development Committee memo


            4.         Office Report --Travis Oliver [5 mins.]


            5.         President’s Report—Maggie Mund [5 minutes]

5.1  Maggie Mund has attended two meetings of the Controller's Community Accountability and Advisory Council.   CAAC summaries are attached

5.2  The Board Retreat will be postponed in order to develop an agenda that reflects recent activities and disruptions.

5.3   Office Move

5.4  Dawn Willis testified at Council Public Safety Hearing on ATVs—see attached ATV testimony


6.         Committee Reports

  • 6.1  Government and External Relations
  • a.      Zoning Committee—no report
  • b.     Historic Building Designation Committee—
  • c.       Remapping Committee—see attached Remapping Committee Minutes
  • 6.2   Membership and Communications  [20 mins]  Michele Ettinger/Barbara Halpern
  • a.      Residential Membership Committee—see attached Membership Stats 9/30/20 and ex com Membership Report
  • b.      Communications Committee--  see Communication Meeting notes 9/29/20
  • 6.3  Physical Environment and Safety    [10 minutes]
  • a.      Streets Committee— Elena Cappella --see resolution below about bus lanes on Market and JFK and Streets Committee Report attached
  • CCRA Supports Pilot for Dedicated Bus Lanes on JFK, Market
  • The Center City Residents' Association thinks that, in general, dedicated bus lanes are a good idea, and it strongly supports the pilot of dedicated bus lanes on Market Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard, between 15th Street and 20th Street. 
  • CCRA also urges the City of Philadelphia to develop its entire Complete Streets program rapidly. This program should include new and improved bicycle lanes and pedestrian amenities such as corner bumpouts, speed bumps, pedestrian safety islands on wide streets, improved timing of traffic signals, mid-block pedestrian crossings where appropriate, and Open Streets, 
  • This is not part of the resolution, but background to explain some of the terminology in the resolution --Open Streets are one of the tools in the Complete Streets program. They involve closing streets to motor vehicles, either temporarily or permanently, and repurposing the space for other uses. The most visible Open Streets in Philadelphia today are the weekend closures that create outdoor dining rooms. These may currently be seen throughout Center City, including the east side of Rittenhouse Square.
  • b.     Public Safety Committee—no report
  • 6.4  Community Relations
  • a.       Homelessness—Matt Fontana [ 5  mins]
  •             Responses to Sidewalk Incident Form
  • 6.5  Ad Hoc Committees  [45 mins]
  • a.      By Laws—see attached By Laws Memo for Board and Bylaws ==Elena Cappella [20 mins]
  • b.      Major Development Task Forces
  • 113-119 South 19th Street—Rick Gross—see attached Community Benefits Agreement 113-119 South 19th Street approved by the Ex Com in July 2020.  Public meeting held October 1, 2020 (via zoom) with no substantive comments.  See attached 113-119 South 19th Street Public Meeting summary. 
  • 33 North 22nd Street—Rick Gross—see attached 33 North 22nd Street Community Benefits Agreement—ex com approved in August 2020
  • CVS new development –Rick Gross
  • a.

7.         New Business

8.         Adjournment

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