Summer CH@ts: White Supremacy and White Privilege

  • 16 Aug 2020
  • 12:00 PM
  • Virtual via The Church of the Holy Communion

Sunday, August 16th: Noon

White Supremacy and

White Privilege

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Join us Sunday, August 16, 2020 at 12 pm for Sunday Summer CH@Ts: Our topic will be White Supremacy and White Privilege.

When we think of White Supremacy we think of the KKK. But from the beginning, our country has had white privilege and supremacy woven into it’s policies and cultural practices. This week we will talk about what white privilege is and what we can do to help our multi-race nation better reflect it’s people through policy and practice.

Please watch the following videos:

  1. Why White Supremacy is not just the KKK; link: (19 min)
  2. Jane Elliot (blue eye/brown eye experiment): link: (5 min YouTube video)
  3. Blue Eye/Brown Eye experiment: A Class Divided link: (53 min movie)

The following are supplemental materials you are invited to peruse.


  • DeRay McKesson on Whiteness, White Supremacy, and Privilege link: (2 min watch)
  • White Supremacy and why Black Liberation is not a Zero Sum game link: (3 min)
  • Layla Saad on Me and White Supremacy link: (40 min)
  • Jane Elliot/Angela Davis on Race and Privilege link: (1 hour 43 min)


  • What is White Priviledge link: (20-30 min read)
  • Questions and articles about white supremacy link:
  • Longer term Conversation: Me and White Supremacy 28 day journaling and conversation group to talk about how to dismantle racism and deal with white privilege link:

Please feel free to bring your questions!

Meeting ID: 997 9954 3841

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